AxesSim was founded in 2007 in Alsace close to Strasbourg (Illkirch). It results from an accompanying process of an activity initiated by Thales group. AxesSim designs and develops software targeting companies and research laboratories. AxesSim has constantly been growing since almost the past 10 years proving the quality of its products and services and confirming its continual commitment for innovation and R&D. AxesSim reinvests about 20 % of its annual income in R&D to go on improving its software. AxesSim’s activity consists of three complementary lines related to software conception and development:

  • Electromagnetic simulation software: Specialized in the field of electromagnetic simulation, AxesSim offers a consistent range of professional applications which allow simulating performances of products and systems in a realistic way starting from their conception to their qualification. This set of tools represents a unique, open and collaborative solution of assistance to conception and validation / qualification based on numerical simulation of electromagnetic phenomenon. It allows a collaborative and continuous improvement of the industrial process.
  • Management of scientific knowledge software: The issue of capitalization and sharing of technical knowledge is a major point for companies and laboratories. Turnover of engineers leads to an evaporation of knowledge and know-how. AxesSim develops tools of technical knowledge management aiming at maintaining these knowledge and know-how.
  • AxesSim will develop the EPICEA platform based on the Open collaboration platform (CuToo) for simulation management and simulation models capitalization developed by AxesSim. In this context, AxesSim will take part to all technical WPs. AxesSim will also lead WP6 devoted to dissemination and exploitation of the project.


CuToo Framework Graphical User interface


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The EPICEA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689007.